Core Functions

We have been continuously focusing on bringing in various stakeholders on a common platform and building their capacities to take the initiatives forward. This has resulted in tremendous growth of microfinance sector in India through different approaches like:

A.) Promotion of Self Help Group – Bank Linkage Programme (SHG-BLP)

B.) Promotion of Joint Liability Groups (JLGs) and their financing by banks

C.) Digitisation of SHGs- EShakti

D.) Others Initiatives

Livelihood promotion:

To enable the SHG members to take up livelihood activities, NABARD has been supporting Micro Enterprise Development Programmes (MEDPs) and Livelihood and Enterprise Development Programmes (LEDPs) by involving NGOs and other suitable institutions.


The department brings out various publications relating to SHG- Bank linkage and other microfinance activities on a regular basis. Status of Microfinance in India is one of the most important annual publication, which is used as reference source by research scholars, policy planners, Govt. departments etc.

Interest Subvention:

Administration of Interest Subvention Scheme for Women SHGs under National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) of Ministry of Rural Development
Support for training and capacity building of personnel of partner agencies such as banks, NGOs, Govt. departments and other institutions
Extending support to NGOs and other institutions for formation and credit linkage of SHGs and JLGs with banks.
Supporting and sponsoring training and capacity building programmes, seminars and workshops for the benefit of all stakeholders viz. the bankers, govt. agencies, NGO partners and more importantly the SHG members.